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4 Buy in Bulk “Deals” that AREN’T!

Living in a park means my life is VERY rural. I don’t have quick access to grocery stores, entertainment or shopping. For my pantry stock list, click here! So when A and I are in a city, which we call “civilization,” we LOAD up.
There is some serious stock-piling…. Grocery bills of $300, and if we didn’t have a deep-freezer.. HA. I can’t imagine life on this mountain without my deep-freezer!

Because of the nature of our grocery shopping, we also have a membership to a big box/warehouse store. You know the type- Costco, Sam’s Club, etc. I’ve known this from the beginning, but once you are in the store with its pallets, concrete walls and lack of amenities, it’s easy to fall into a false sense of security that you are getting great deals… and sometimes that just isn’t so.

Here are 4 Buy-In-Bulk “Deals” that AREN’T!

1. Special K Red Berries

Maybe you consider wal-mart a bulk or warehouse store as well, but considering that you do not have to purchase a membership, I consider it a grocery store. While unpleasant at best, it also boasts some cheap prices. One example is the Value Box of Special K Red Berries at  $3.88 or $.23/oz

At your local Costco, you can get a DOUBLE PACK! Must be a good deal, right? Not considering that sometimes there are literally 2 boxes inside of another bigger box…

Wrong.  It’s $10.49 for 43 oz. That’s $.24/ oz.

While 1 cent per ounce may not mean that much to you, it’s important to realize that this “bulk” deal is literally NOT a deal. There is more packaging, more waste, and it costs more.
Do not even get me started on Wal-mart’s Value boxes of Kashi cereal… the value boxes (IN THE SAME STORE) are more per ounce!

2. Kraft Mac and Cheese

Wal-mart boasts a $.10 win on Kraft macaroni & cheese over Costco, and shall we even discuss the possibilities of Amazon? Don’t be fooled. It’s more expensive on amazon!

3. Chicken of the Sea Tuna

Coscto @$.21/oz  vs. Wal-mart @$.20/oz

Yes, I know I am splitting hairs. HOWEVER, when you buy this huge pack of 12 cans, I just need you to be aware that you are actually NOT getting a “deal.” That is all. Do as you wish.

4. Tide

Last but not least, my favorite laundry detergent. Costco has this HUGE 200 Fl Oz bottle that runs (typically) for $28.99
Per fluid ounce, that’s $.14

Wal-mart doesn’t have the same 200 FL oz bottle, but it does have 150 Fl Oz, and it has it for $17.94, bringing it home at a price of $.12/ fl oz.

Okay, I know these price differences are minimal, and sometimes it is convenient just to have MORE of something in one go, but before you purchase in bulk based on a perceived “deal,” do your homework.


Here are few things I LOVE to buy at Sam’s or Costco because they are a great deal!

  1. Yogurt (Especially Greek God’s)
  2. Granola Bars (Huge savings on Cliff bars!)
  3. Brussel Sprouts (OMG. Love some Brussel sprouts. Check out my go-to recipe here!)


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