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3 Prom Photos to Take Right Now

1. Close-Up Photos.

Spending big bucks on make up and hair is almost pointless without some true enjoyment and documentation! Close-Up Photos at prom seem to be rare because we focus so much on sparkly dresses and sharp tuxes. However, what does mamma really want? (Her baby’s face. I promise). Do not neglect a few close-ups!

2. Back of the Dress.

A lot of times the detail is in the back, but even when it’s not- this pose is surprisingly flattering on many! Give the model a chance to remember the entire dress, the hair, etc. Looking over the shoulder is a saucy touch, too.


3. Soft Smiles.

There is something so special about this delicate look. Soft smiles bring the viewer’s focus to the models’ eyes while communicating a sense of happiness and peace. Not every model has mastered the soft smile like the subjects here, but the practice is worth it. I have had clients be surprised with how much they like their photos with this look. It’s a winner.

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    May 20, 2018 at 4:02 pm

    Beautiful shots and good advise!

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