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Clean Moldy Caulk and KEEP it clean!

I’m going to be really honest.

I think this post may be the reason I started Trails Lead Home. I accidentally found a solution to a problem, and it made me so happy that I started bringing people to our bathroom just to show them the shower caulking. Weird? Yep. Worth it? Absolutely.

So here is what happened: I read somewhere on the world wide web that soaking cotton in bleach would clean tile grout. I have this ridiculous white-on-white shower that I hate (I didn’t choose it, we bought the house… it was built in the early 1900’s and the bathroom was added on in the 50’s).

It’s been tough- the yellowing grout, the crappily-done caulking around the bottom that turned black with mold UNDERNEATH the caulk. Yuck. I was honestly embarrassed to have overnight guests. I did not want them to see that awful caulking.. and even though I scrubbed the grout with a toothbrush and scrubbed the caulk- it was STILL DISGUSTING.

So I bit the bullet and bought ’em:

These long cotton coils, Cotton Coil 100% Pure, 40 Feet Per Bag, (2 Pack), cut into strips and soaked in bleach did like a little for my grout. Maybe it was a LOT whiter, I’m not sure. I was just too astounded…

Because what they DID was a total surprise.

Sections of that moldy, nasty black caulk all around the bottom of my shower had turned a bright, shiny white. WHAT?! The mold is UNDER the caulk! HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?!

I think it was magic…
but I wasted no time thinking about that before soaking those same cotton strips in more bleach and just laying it on the caulk all around the shower. I turned on the vents in the bathroom and cracked a window, and from that next morning on I have never been embarrassed of my shower again. It looks like a Mr. Clean commercial!

But how to keep the caulk so white? And how to get and keep that grout clean?
I bought this, and I’ve never looked back:

Wet & Forget 801064 1/2 Gal. Shower Cleaner

I just spray it all in the shower and leave it overnight and wipe it down while I’m showering the next day. The result is a CONSTANTLY clean shower. My heart is so happy.

Allow me to recap:

        1. Purchase Cotton Coil 100% Pure, 40 Feet Per Bag, (2 Pack)
          and Wet & Forget 801064 1/2 Gal. Shower Cleaner
        2.  Cut the cotton coils to fit your caulking/grout lines.
        3. Soak the coils in bleach and stick them to the grout lines(they will stick!), and lay them against the caulking. Leave overnight.
        4. Remove the next day and rinse wherever you put the bleach.
        5. Maintain by spraying the shower/tub/grout down weekly with the Wet & Forget! (If I am being totally honest for the first week I sprayed the Wet & Forget like every night just to make sure that grout was good to go.)
        6. Enjoy the SUPER CLEANNESS. So cleeaaaan.


If you have never used bleach on your tub/shower, etc. use with caution.
One of my best friends has this crazy tub that gets rusty every time bleach touches it. Redox reactions are no joke.